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Add Issue

Adding issues to your collection is a fun way to catalog your comics.

Step 1) Open the application and tap on "Add New Comicbook"

Step 2) If your comic book has a Bar Code press on menu and select scan.  If you have previously entered in a comic book with that upc, CBI will fill in as many fields as it can to help the data entry go faster.

Step 2a) If your comic book doesn't have a Bar Code or It wasn't found simply begin typing.  The auto complete will start making suggestions.  

If you are adding a comic book that has multiple authors, pencilers, inkers or colorists simply separate them with a semi-colon ( ; ).  If you are entering in a lot of artists in one field, for example "The Amazing Spider-Man Anunual" from 1992 had 4 authors, 4 pencilers, 3 inkers and 4 colorists - so if you entered in 
"Tom DeFalco; Gerry Conway; David Michelinie; Peter Sanderson" when you saved each author would get a reference to that comic book.  

One way to enter in a lot of names is to use the built in cut, copy and paste functionality of the Android OS.

Step 3) Tap on add picture to open the camera and take a picture of your comic book.  When you're ready to save your screen might look like this:

Occasionally the camera may take a picture upside down. 

 You can tap on the picture to delete or rotate it:

Fixed!  Easy as that!