Release Notes

  • Thumbnail images when viewing titles
  • Long press on covers for a full screen image view from add/edit issue
  • Wish List 
v1.2.5 changes
  • Better integration witch GCD - covers can be downloaded while in CBI
  • Enhancements to Images - landscape images are now allowed - previously they would be automatically rotated to be portrait
v1.2.4 changes
  • Performance Improvements to the Import CSV and Restore processes
  • The ability to move the application to your SD Card
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Minor UI Enhancements
v1.2.3 changes
  • Enhancement to the GCD search to find covers
v1.2.2 changes
  • Bug Fix: If you had multiple volumes of a title - and edited an issue - CBI would move the issue to the first title that was entered
  • Bug Fix: Attaching Images will ask you which volume of a title you are wanting to attach to if there are multiple titles with the same name
  • Enhancement: More localization updates for export and import features
v1.2.1 changes
  • New Functionality!  Download images from the internet and attach them to an issue
v1.2.0 changes
  • Found a bug that caused a force close on the export
v1.1.9 changes
  • Localization changes for Spanish.  Thanks to David 'Lint' Sanz (http:///
  • Fixed a bug related to exporting collections.  The Rating was being lost
v1.1.8 changes
  • Another fix for the Camera.  The different implementations of cameras across Android devices is very frustrating, I think this version will fix all of them.  If the pictures don't work on your phone please notify me so I can get it working for you.
  • Every screen was updated in some way to be consistent with the comic book theme.
  • All of the text displayed has been externalized to prepare for translation into different languages.  Anybody know someone who can translate to Spanish or French?
  • Added a progress bar to show the status when adding comics to your collection from the "Pull List"
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when viewing the details of an item when Shopping
  • Fixed a bug in the "Missing Issues" that erroneously reported the start issue of your longest run incorrectly.
v1.1.7 changes
  • The restore comics had a bug that caused it to fail in certain conditions
v1.1.6 changes
v1.1.5 changes
  • Fix for an out of Memory issue for the Sprint EVO
  • Small Layout adjustment for Find Missing Issues
v1.1.4 changes
  • Fix for the Camera - Issue reported for the Droid Eris and HTC Hero
  • Added a filter on the Find Missing Issue to filter gaps by size
  • Error handling for Find Missing Issues for Issue Numbers that are non-integer
  • Optimizations for "New Releases"
  • Added "Quick Info" for the list view of the collection
  • Added a menu item to add a single issue from the list view of the collection
v1.1.3 changes
  • Significant optimizations in "Browse Collection"
  • Bug Fix in "Find Missing Issues" that caused a force close
  • UI Changes to make adding pictures easier in "Edit Issue"
  • Fix for Dell comics in "Load Titles"
  • Layout Changes to help 1.5 Androids

With the v 1.1.2 release of CBI the following items were updated

With the v 1.1 release of CBI several new features were introduced.

Behind the scenes I am accessing a lot of data that originally came from the Grand Comics Database at  Their data let me build some pretty amazing functionality.  Unfortunately their data is a tad inconsistent, I will try to write a clean up process but as it is - it is still way better than typing it in yourself.
  • The "Add Single Issue" screen now has a a Get Details button - it will attempt to retrieve all of the detail information and populate it for your.
  • I added a new page to add a series of issues, if you have a run of 2 or more comics you can add them all with a tap of a button.  This feature works really great but works best with a speedy network connection.
  • You can export your collection to a spreadsheet now!  Somebody raised a concern about having all the data trapped on their phone - I think you'll find this is a great way to get access it.
There are a few issues you may want to be aware of as you work with CBI - there is currently a bug that I'm working through having to do with apostrophe's, if you are looking for a title that has an apostrophe in it you will get an error that says it couldn't be found.  I will fix this as soon as I can.

This release was a little rushed because I wanted to get it out as fast as I could the add series feature is faster and better than UPC scanning which didn't work like I wanted it to anyway.

The issue search is very dependent on the name and issue of the title, one letter off and you won't find anything, that is why I added the title pre-load functionality.