If you have any questions about CBI drop me an e-mail.  I respond to most within 24 hours. is the best way to reach me.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions:


I have different volumes of the same title, I added the first title and CBI it won't let me pick a different volume when I add issues from the other title.  For example, I have book 2 of volume 1 and books 1-4 of volume 2.  I added book 2 of volume 1, and when I try to add books 1-4 of volume 2- CBI puts the issues in  volume 1.


This is how you can fix this issue:  

  • Go ahead and add a new issue of the new series.  CBI will look in your collection and see that you only have one series and add it to the existing series.
  • Next we will have to browse into the existing series and then find the issue we added (the one that doesn't belong)
  • Tap on the issue to see the details
  • press the menu button
  • select "Add Details"
  • the first field is the start year, if you change that to the correct year and tap save, and then save again (first on the little window then on the details screen) a warning message will pop up and tell you the publish year has changed and a new title will be created

From then on whenever you add an issue to the series with that name CBI will see that you have two titles and ask you which one you want to adding an issue to.  

Of course if you get a third title with the same name (sometimes that happens) you will have to do the process all over again - but it's only once per title and only if they are named the same thing.

A new version of CBI is being worked on that solves this issue completely.

When I try to download covers CBI says it can't find any images.   For example how come it can't find covers for "The Amazing Spider-Man"?

CBI looks for images in an open source website located at - if you name a title differently than then CBI won't be able to find it.  For example typically appends the word "The" at the end of the title so "The Amazing Spider-Man" is listed as "Amazing Spider-Man, The".  The easiest way is to pre-load titles - there is a demo of that under the Tutorials section.

Does CBI have a bar code scanner so that I can scan my comic books?

Bar code scanning was the original problem that I set out to solve with CBI.  When the Android version was first released it did have that feature built in, it was also the number one source of confusion and complaints.  There are a couple of problems with bar code scanning:  
  • Cameras are slow, by the time it takes to open the camera and take a picture then process the data that is returned, you can enter in several comic books and be done. I added the feature to add multiple issues at the same time so you can literally enter in a whole title's worth of issues at one time.
  • Bar codes aren't unique across titles - that means you could be scanning "The Amazing Spider-Man" and CBI would tell you it found "Justice League".
  • There is no public database that links comic books to the UPC code on the cover.  This makes the lookup scenario kind of a hit or miss.

I just downloaded the "New Release" list but I'm missing some publishers, how can I fix this?

The easy fix is to long press on the week you just downloaded.  A menu will pop up and ask you if you want to delete this week.  Go ahead and completely delete releases for that week.  Back out of the screen and go back in you should get a fresh list of New Releases.  

What happens is that your network connection dropped in mid-download. To prevent this from happening make sure you're connected to a WiFi connection.